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Move in and out of currencies seamlessly at OTC rates

Sphere handles the engineering, operational, and regulatory complexities for you — orchestrating so you don't have to.

  • Save up to hundreds of basis points on transfers.

  • Get onboarded in hours to days, instead of weeks.

  • Let us handle FX, manual OTC, and exchanges.

  • Compliant with AML/CFT and GDPR/CCPA.

  • Available by API, no-code, and embeddable widget.

Available to select merchants that have completed enhanced KYC/B

Our Process

Accelerate Revenue
With Modern Money Movement

From traditional fiat to digital currencies, companies can maximize earnings potential, increase authorization rates, get faster settlement, and reduce chargebacks by accepting more types of money. Want to know if we support your payment method?



Transact over 9 major networks, with local payment support for qualified merchants across the world.


Merchants Increase Sales

Accepting digital payments led to this increase in global sales, according to a report.



Pay with any currency, with merchants receiving the currency of their choice through behind-the-scenes conversion.

Pay Your Way

From card, bank transfers, digital currencies and wire — enable customers to pay their way.

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Connect your tools, connect your teams.
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With backgrounds in traditional finance, we take compliance seriously.
Even though Sphere is a technology services provider, we volunteer for the most stringent payments regulations — from MSB/VASP requirements, to GDPR/CCPA and PCI-DSS — to give you and your customers peace of mind.

AML Fraud Detection

We employ a robust AML/CFT program, including KYC/B. We use machine learning APIs to flag suspicious behavior, from irregular mouse movement, browser user-agents, time-zone mismatches, and more.

OFAC Sanctioning

All bank accounts and wallet addresses are screened in real-time for OFAC sanctions detection. Restricted IPs are geo-blocked, including well-known TOR exit nodes and common VPNs.

PCI Compliance

Card information is never stored, always tokenized, and encrypted at both transit and rest. We implement best practices from regular password updates, firewalls, strict ACLs, and vulnerability scans.

Money Transmission

All blockchain payments are non-custodial. Any control of fiat currency is directly handled by licensed money transmitters and chartered banks.


PIIs are never stored, always tokenized, and encrypted at both transit and rest. Strict internal ACLs and firewalls ensure that customer data is never vulnerable.

OtterSec Audited

Our contracts are regularly audited by the industry's best. Customer signatures are required, and funds are routed directly without custody.



Everything you need to know and more. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please get in touch, we'd love to help.

How much does Sphere cost?

    Software access is free, but we take a small transaction fee. Custom enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Which networks are supported?

We support all major card networks (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) in 120+ countries, bank transfers, and domestic and international wires.

    How is currency conversion handled?

    Customers consent to swapping to a different currency during transfer, which is routed through an exchange or subject to foreign exchange rates at cost.

    Is Sphere audited?

    Yes, we are audited by OtterSec and PCI-DSS compliant. We volunteer for MSB/VASP requirements, and employ a robust KYC/AML program. We are in the process of receiving our SOC2 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

    Does Sphere custody funds?

    Never. We are a technology services provider, not a MSB/VASP nor money transmitter. All payments that involve custody are handled by licensed money transmitters, qualified custodians, and chartered banks.

    Is it possible to integrate Sphere with my existing payment solution?

    Yes. You can use your own Stripe or other payment providers, and use Sphere to add support for alternative payments and back-office automation through our API/SDK. We designed our API to use similar data flows and object models to reduce the amount of infrastructure to rewrite.

    Accelerating digital currencies for a more connected world.


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